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Our vision for sustainable construction

We propose a comprehensive approach that aims to minimise the environmental impact of a building throughout its lifecycle. Find out more about our principles of sustainability and the Natura Mater methodology.

50% of a building's impact is determined at its time of construction

Construction generates 30% of the world's waste and 40% of its CO2 emissions. It's a linear sector in great need of circular ideas.

How can we adopt more sustainable practices to reduce waste and CO2 emissions, whilst also considering the well-being of occupants?


To reconcile construction and planetary limits, let's take action on the materials used in a project and be conscious of their environmental impact. 

Our 3-pillar methodology

in alignement with the United Nations report

Avoid Shift Improve

Let's avoid the extraction and production of raw materials by promoting truly circular flows: build with fewer materials and reuse existing ones.


Where AVOID is not achievable, we give priority to designing with low-impact, regenerative materials. Whether made of bio-based, local or raw earth, there are many innovative technical solutions around.


Are AVOID and SHIFT out of reach? Let's at least prescribe conventional materials in their most environmentally-friendly alternative as possible: upcycling, circularity of industrial flows, reduced CO2, etc.

Le Criteres de Materiaux Durable

These principles must be respected to enter the Materatek,
our library of sustainable materials

Our Materatek is a place of inspiration where you see and feel all of the materials we have sourced. You can discover them during our consulation and training sessions!


≤ 250km

Biobased or Raw Earth
≤ carbon neutral

Biobased, Geobased or Circular
≤ 2000km

Would you like to apply this methodology to your own projects?

Would you like to suggest a product for our Materatek?

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