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Continuous Training

Through a mix of group training and personalised workshops, your team decides to embark on the road to sustainability with a focus on sustainable materials. This skill-building process is carried out in partnership with our respective teams.




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Adopt new reflexes thanks to

8 tickets to our group courses

4 exploratory workshops focused on your projects
4 meetings in our Materatek, for you and your customers
8 samples of sustainable materials to add to your materials library

Join a community of over 150 architects who are equipping themselves to anticipate changes in construction practices.

Détail Aide à l'achat

More interested in a one-off training course?

Who should attend the Natura Mater annual training course?

For all architectural practices wishing to develop their practice beyond a specific project. It is particularly suitable for offices with a minimum of 4 people.

How does this work for the big teams?

Our experience has taught us that the most effective way is to form a small team, who will become the contact people within your office and will in turn disseminate the knowledge. We therefore suggest that you choose 4 motivated employees who will take part in the training sessions and attend the exploratory workshops together. To get the whole office moving, we recommend that you offer an Introduction to Sustainable Materials to the whole team.


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