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Construction phase support

Do you have a request for sustainable materials on a building site?
Our experts work with general and specialist contractors to ensure that bids are correctly submitted and to facilitate the implementation of sustainable materials.

We work hand in hand with the execution team


... to ensure that you submit a clear and resolute bid. We also aim to clarify and reduce the insecurities associated with a first bid, and to facilitate access to materials suppliers.

The aim of this support is to make it as easy as possible for contractors to incorporate sustainable materials during the construction phase, by removing the obstacles to their initial use.

Help with submitting tenders
Devis matériaux_blanc_400.png
Support for companies (and subcontractors) in the context of calls for tender for sustainable materials
Technical support
A kick-off meeting on site, with a tour and validation of the various sustainable materials, with technical support for implementation in the field.
Help with material purchasing
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Single point of contact for purchasing all materials from manufacturers or distributors
Some references


For what types of project is this support relevant?

Renovation and new construction; housing, offices, industry, schools and nurseries, shops and public spaces.

We are open to discovering all types of projects

What are the additional costs of a more sustainable project?

There are many different materials. It all depends on the project. But in general, we work with a closed budget. In other words, we propose materials that have a minimal impact on the budget.

When is the best time to call?

As soon as possible 😉 . To provide you with the best possible support, we need a fairly defined budget and framework. So the ideal stage is when the plans are just completed.

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