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European Taxonomy

The construction sector is facing a major change with the EU's new taxonomy framework. Aligned with ambitious environmental objectives, it sets strict criteria for sustainable practices, which have an impact on everything from the choice of materials to construction methods.

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Some introductory words

This course analyses the two-way impact of Taxonomy:
- How materials used in construction projects will determine a project's compliance.
- How the objectives will determine which materials are viable options.


How do the right material choices enable compliance with the Taxonomy's sustainability criteria and how do environmental objectives influence and shape viable material options? We will also discuss the challenges of sourcing and implementing sustainable building materials.
Drawing on our years of experience, we will share practical advice on how to meet these challenges and successfully integrate sustainable materials into your projects. You will leave with ideas that will help you prepare for the future of your architectural practice, meet new standards and position your company as a leader in sustainable construction.


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from 950 €

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Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at construction and real estate professionals who are new to sustainable materials. It is particularly suitable for architectural offices, property managers and contractors.

Where can you attend?

At your place or ours, as long as you are a group of less than 15 people.

How long does it take?

The standard duration of the seminar is 2 hours.


How does it work?

The seminar consists of a theoretical part, followed by a more playful part that allows you to explore the diversity of sustainable materials through a collection of samples.

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