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Initiation on sustainable materials

Sustainable materials... Why and how to choose?


2 hours training

750 € excl. VAT

Some introductory words

50% of the ecological impact of a building's life is fixed at the time of its construction. The choice of materials is therefore an essential lever to ensure the transition of the sector.


However, sustainable materials are still not well known by professionals.


What are their advantages and disadvantages? Are they reliable and suitable for all projects? What is their impact on a budget? How can we distinguish between terms such as "biosourced", "natural", "circular" or "CO2 neutral"?


We propose an introduction that will review the most frequently asked questions. By combining material theory and site experience, we will deconstruct many preconceived ideas to enable you to implement more sustainable materials in your projects.

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at construction and real estate professionals who are new to sustainable materials. It is particularly suitable for architectural offices, property managers and contractors.

Where can you attend?

At your place or ours, as long as you are a group of less than 15 people.

How long does it take?

The standard duration of the seminar is 2 hours.

How does it work?

The seminar consists of a theoretical part, followed by a more playful part that allows you to explore the diversity of sustainable materials through a collection of samples.

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