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Natura Mater

Is a company founded by five passionate Brussels entrepreneurs, united by a common ambition: to make construction an industry that respects people and the environment.

A killer team, with just enough idealism to want to change the world!

Qui sommes-nous ?: Membres de l'Équipe
La team
O&D - Website.png

Supply Chain & Digital

Brendan - Website(1).png

Brendan Culley

Exploration & Design

BD - Website(1).png

Business Development

Camille - Website(1).png

Camille Mommer

G&C - Website.png

Guidance & Construction

Jeremy - Website.png

Jeremy Boomer

G&A - Website.png

Guidance & Architecture

Margaux - Website(1).png
E&D - Website.png

Exploration & Design

Bea - Website.png

Margaux Cambier

Béatrice Vancaillie

S&L - Website.png

Supply Chain & Logistics

Emilien - Website(1).png

Emilien Hogge

G&A - Website.png

Guidance & Architecture

Erik - Website(1).png

Erik Van Eyck

P&D - Website.png

Partnerships & Exploration

Irakli - Website(2).png

Irakli Ratiani

Want to be part of the adventure? Send us your CV! We are always looking for new talent.


Our vision for construction


Construction means pollution

Construction is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions and 30% of waste worldwide. The cause is the use of ultra-processed, inert and rot-proof materials. Concrete, petrochemical insulation, glues and plastics are all waste products that accumulate in landfills or are simply incinerated.


Circularity, low-tech and resilience

The best waste is the one that doesn't exist. At Natura Mater, we believe in innovation, with a view to reducing waste. This is why we focus on natural materials and those derived from reuse or recycling, which escape the container to receive a second life.


Changing our relation to materials

Starting from the material - its composition, technical properties, production process - to design more resilient buildings. This is an opportunity for architects to re-appropriate the material, to improve their skills and to enhance their professional know-how.


A little perspective

Yet alternatives do exist. Most conventional materials date back to the industrial revolution, and mankind did not wait for the industrial revolution to build. For thousands of years, we have been using wood, clay and lime. Materials that are still relevant today.


A growing ecosystem

The road to a sustainable industry is full of opportunities. A whole ecosystem of producers, architects and entrepreneurs is working hard to change practices. Creating links between these actors will improve the organisation of the sector while encouraging cooperation and short supply chains.

Our mission

To drive the green transition of the construction sector by moving sustainable materials from a niche to the norm.

Our method

To overcome the obstacles of professionals by guiding them in the choice, purchase and use of sustainable materials.

Awards and distinctions

Nos récompenses
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