About us

Natura Mater is a company founded by a young and passionate team of professionals from Brussels. We’re helping the building sector to transition into a sustainable industry which respects both humankind and the environment.


On this page, you can get acquainted with the five members on our team. A killer team, with just enough idealism to want to change the world!


The team

Jeremy Boomer


Jeremy studied architecture at ULB in Brussels and graduated with first-class honours and the prize for architecture. He then joined a Brussels-based architecture firm where he managed projects from beginning to end. In 2014 he put his compass away to become technical director of a general contracting company and in 2016 went on to found his own construction company alongside a property developer. After three good years, he looks to the future and now sees it’s time for a new challenge, closer to his beliefs and to the impending climate emergency.

Blanche Mommer


Blanche is our legal counsel. Master of Law, lawyer at the Brussels Bar for 4 years, she harnesses the legal issues of companies, commercial relations with suppliers, partnerships and clients, commercialisation of products within the European area, regulations relating to product safety, different types of intellectual property, ... Blanche also knows the building sector in and out: how it works, but also its many flaws.

Camille Mommer


Camille is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. A Master in bio-engineering from the VUB (Belgium) in pocket, she started working for 3 years in financing of innovation. In 2014, she joined the lifetech.brussels cluster where she gained experience in the world of entrepreneurship. She coached dozens of entrepreneurs and develops a firm knowledge of the ecosystem that surrounds them. She then worked for Agoria on company networks and technical lobby portfolios. Camille is enthusiastic, passionate, and has a pragmatic approach.

Margaux Cambier


Margaux is an architect with a degree from the Victor Horta Institute (Belgium) obtained in 2010. She developed her professional expertise through diverse collaborations. As an architect, in a residential architecture office ; as a project manager with a general contractor; and finally as project manager with a real-estate developer. Margaux has seen the world of construction from all angles and developed a strong ecological conscience, notably the values of sobriety, waste reduction, and sustainability.

Brendan Culley


Brendan is a geographer and holds degrees from ULB (Belgium) and Utrecht (Netherlands). His academic path gave him many international perspectives on urban development and the ecological issues that manifest themselves in cities. In 2015, he joined the team of an urban renewal programme in Brussels led by a local authority. During this career in the public sector, he developed insights on urban development in Brussels, public policies, and the evolution of our modes of living and consumption.


Our vision

​Construction, an entire ecosystem

We see the construction sector as a set of players who act on matter and the environment. From its beginnings in a wheatfield, matter is moved, transformed and shaped, and ends up as a building material in a construction project. Natura Mater wishes to move the many players of the process closer to each other, to recreate a connection between earth and dwelling. Through this, Natura Mater will make the construction sector an ally in climate change mitigation and resilience.

The climate - a difficult context

The building sector is responsible for 40% of worldwide waste production. What’s more, building materials that are used for dwellings are often charged with chemicals and let out noxious gases (VOC). Many players in the construction and real-estate business would like to make their activities more sustainable but don’t know where to start: where to find the right solutions, how to implement them, and especially, without spending a fortune?


Natura Mater in action

Natura Mater provides building solutions and sustainable materials to professionals in the building sector. These materials are adapted to their needs, easy to implement, and cost effective. Starting from the baseline that each stakeholder has different needs, we target everyone separately so as to lift any barriers that might exist for the uptake of sustainability in real-estate projects.