Dear architects, 

To minimise the environmental impact of your projects, a good starting point is to work on the materials that compose the building… But finding the required information isn’t an easy task, nor is it to know what’s appropriate for each project. 


That’s why we’re here to accompany you on your path to a better architecture with better building materials, by informing you on what exists out there and guiding you in your research and technical reflexions. 

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We have four possible formulas, tailored to your needs : 


The project package 

Thanks to our targeted expertise, we provide: 

  • One-on-one consultation session about a project, resulting in a sustainable materials proposal. 

  • Technical insights into each proposed building material. 

  • Advice and expertise on the composition of sustainable materials, tested on site. 


The monthly pass 

  • The ‘project package’ extended to all of your office’s projects. 

  • Access to our seminars at a discount. 


Our seminars and training programmes 

To help you become an active player of climate action that’s arriving in our sector. 


Make your technical specifications green again 

Bespoke – just ask!