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Explorers of sustainable materials

One job, one mission

We define ourselves as explorers of materials. A tailor-made job, born of our desire to understand the needs of a sector in full transition and to respond to them. Today, after two years of maturing this positioning, our mission seems clear to us. So we felt like sharing it with you.


It all starts with a work of exploration, an intensive watch of all that is developing in biobased, geobased and circular materials in Europe. We go out to meet producers, listen to their story, understand their product. Together, we imagine how it would best fit into a project.


The Matetatek is the sum of all the know-how and information we have accumulated through our discoveries. A library full of building materials, in which each product has its own identity card, giving information on its composition, place and method of manufacture, technical characteristics and application.

Guiding professionals

For many professionals, sustainable materials represent a new world, far from the automatisms of the sector. This is where our mission continues: by assisting architects in choosing the right material, taking into account technique, budget and aesthetics. Then by guiding the builders in the implementation, with the precious help of the producers.

Facilitating supply

The proximity that we cultivate with producers places us ideally in the supply chain. As buyers, we organise the transport of materials according to production deadlines and logistical constraints. Always with a focus on rationalising the supply chain and ensuring a fair price.

Your partner for materials

By positioning ourselves as a reference partner in sustainable materials, we are progressively removing the obstacles for everyone and encouraging a collective increase in competence. This is a beneficial dynamic for the entire sector, as each new project we support provides feedback and therefore an opportunity to improve materials.

Today, we are convinced that this transversality is our strength. Because this is how we get the information and materials from the producer to the construction site.

You too can be a part of the transition by choosing healthy and sustainable materials for your project. We can help you!

Together, let's take sustainable materials from niche to norm 🌱



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