Our building materials

We supply sustainable building materials, sourcing products that make sense: low environmental impact, ideal technical specifications, recyclability, all at a cost-effective price. We work directly with producers of materials to provide you with the best solutions available on the market. Here is a selection of them.


Our packs

Choosing materials is sometimes complicated and we are well aware of this. That’s why we've developed predefined Packs for your building project. We supply complete sets of ecological materials for the most frequent tasks, delivered in raw state on-site and to be implemented by a builder. With us, you're certain to have made the right choice.


Partition pack

An ideal selection of materials to create a partition wall with acoustic and thermal insulation.

We find it very important to have a clean, cosy interior in the places we live. Our partition is made of natural and breathable materials. They provide naturally regulated humidity levels and excellent acoustic and thermal performances.
The finishing topcoat is made of clay, a perfect substitute to primer and conventional petrochemical paints..

Pack cloison
Pack plancher

Flooring and Decorative Finishes pack

An ideal selection of materials to carry out thermal and acoustic insulation of flooring, with durable and sustainable floorboards, and a natural suspended ceiling.

This pack relates to superior (ceiling) and inferior (flooring) areas of a room. For new-build projects, we can provide a locally-sourced and sustainable wooden structure and frame. Whether made of bamboo or cork, our floorboards are designed to withstand the test of time whilst also having a negative carbon footprint from day 1.

Under your floorboards, an insulation in natural materials provides acoustic and thermal comfort. The suspended ceiling uses the same techniques as in the partition pack explained above.

Cellar and Basement pack

An ideal selection of materials for a building’s basement with effective management of underground dampness.

 This package combines a set of materials that actively participate in hygrometric regulation whilst assuring comfort and interior … of your cellars.
Available both for new-builds and renovations, these natural materials are an intelligent alternative to classic methods used to dealing with damp which simply transfer the problem to other parts of the building. Cork, hemp, and lime are just a few of the natural materials that can be used for healthy and insulated basements.

Pack caves.png
Pack toiture.png

Green Roof pack

Selection of materials to carry out roof insulation works using natural, high-performance insulation materials.

Insulating a roof is one of the easier solutions to improve the energy rating of a building in the short term. We supply several types of materials (both supple and rigid) to suit all types of roofs.
Are you building or renovating a flat roof ? Choose a green roof for increased thermal regulation and biodiversity. We don’t currently supply a natural alternative to bituminous waterproofing membranes. However, we are constantly sourcing materials and keeping up to date with innovations in the field.

Breathable Façade pack

Ideal selection of materials to build a façade made of natural materials that don’t hold in humidity and are good for the environment.

It is entirely possible to insulate your façade from the outside by using sustainable materials. The conventional ‘plaster + plastic insulation’ method is replaced with a straw-fibre insulation panel and a lime render. The latter is perfect for withstanding exposure (wind, sun, rain, …).
Looking for originality ? Choose a bamboo or cork cladding – these materials are breathable and store carbon dioxide.

Pack facade.png

Sourcing of materials

& Bespoke proposals

We’re here to help you with your specific needs and we will gladly source quality materials in coherence with your sustainable values and technical requirements.

Technical library of materials

You will find an alphabetical list of building materials we sell. With technical specifications for reference.