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Natural finishing coatings

How to care for your interior with healthy and sustainable plasters?

Détail Aide à l'achat

Some introductory words

Do you work in the construction or design sector? Would you like to learn more about sustainable alternatives to conventional plastering?

Then this workshop is for you!


Natural plasters, based on clay or lime for example, are very popular.


And with good reason: in addition to being a sustainable alternative to plaster, they offer many advantages in terms of application, building breathing and health.


Treat yourself to a private team workshop!

from 950 €

Register for a group session

from 115 €/pp


Who should attend?

For design and construction professionals who want to learn or improve their knowledge of natural coatings. It is particularly suitable for architectural offices, building project managers and contractors.

Where can you attend?

At your place or ours, as long as you are a group of less than 15 people.

How long does it take?

The standard duration of the seminar is 2 hours.


How does it work?

The seminar consists of a theoretical part, followed by a more playful part which will consist in learning the techniques of raw earth plastering.

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